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We begin hiring Summer Seasonal Camp and Beach employees in January 2018.


All outdoor facilities are closed from late November to late March / mid-April; exact dates to be determined seasonally by Department of Public Works. Fields decisions will be made on a field-by-field basis and listed as OPEN or CLOSED on


While the DPW has exclusive rights and authority in determining whether fields are open or closed
ALL USERS have a responsibility of discerning if a field is playable regardless of a current weather condition by the guidelines below:

Any and all use should not commence, or continue on a field if any of the following are true:

  • If the field has been closed by the DPW; DPW maintains authority to close a field at any time for any reason.
  • If the field has standing water on it
  • If the field is saturated with water (will not dry or de-puddle by game time)
    If more than 0.5 inches of rain/snow is/has fallen in the last 24 hours
  • If by playing on the field, the players are, or would be, damaging the field beyond normal wear and tear
  • i.e. Footing in insecure or slippery, footsteps leave an impression on the turf or tear up turf, creating muddy areas, ground clings or cakes to shoes & cleats etc.
  • If, once a game begins, the referee, umpire, or league official is responsible for the decision to suspend a game due to the above or other conditions
  • Lightning
  • If surfaces are icy or frozen
  • Unsafe facility conditions- dry surfaces, glass, exposed stones and rocks, etc.
  • Softball and Baseball fields are often playable even with standing water on the infield. Do not sweep or rake puddles. As long as a field does not pose a hazard to the players it can be used. See criteria for grass above.