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Town Wide Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan


Proposed Project Details:

At the 2016 Special Fall Town Meeting, the Recreation Commission sought $60,000 from their Stabilization Funds to complete a Town Wide Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan.

The Recreation Commission’s intends to build off the recent Open Space & Recreation plan process by developing a strategic plan that establishes a specific approach and timeline for implementing critical recreation improvements (passive and active at schools, town parks and fields, playgrounds, conservation areas, etc.) within town. Properties to be considered include parks, schoolyards, conservation lands, Town Building Gym, and other specific recreation “owned” structures (Tot Room in Town Building and Art Center) and other town properties and lands that might be suitable for recreation purposes.

The town has already developed numerous master plans and feasibility studies that contain a significant amount of information that will be useful as the plan is developed. These documents can be viewed and downloaded from the links below (Related Documents).

Unlike the plans referenced above, this Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan will establish a clearly defined, realistic and methodical Action Strategy for the construction of new passive and active recreation facilities and amenities at properties throughout the town that include a comprehensive description of:

  • Specific Recreation Facility Capital Improvement Projects tied to Fiscal Year
  • Specific Capital Project Budget Requirements (including all soft & hard costs)
  • Specific Project schedules (basic timeline for securing funding, designing and permitting the project, bidding, and constructing the project)

The result of this effort will be a single, consolidated plan that extracts relevant information from prior recreation initiatives, adds critical updates, and establishes a strong, community endorsed strategy (reached through the public engagement process) that addresses all of the Town’s most critical recreation needs, both passive and active, in the form of a 10-Year Capital Plan.

Strategic Plan Meetings:

Multiple Meetings will be held during the Strategic Plan process. We will update our website regularly with future meeting dates, and reach out to residents and individual user groups to schedule these meetings.

Future meetings dates:

  • TBD 


Related Documents:



Links to other property specific documents can be found on our other Capital Project pages here. Other documents can also be requested through the Recreation Office.


If you would like to inquire about copies of additional documents or have any questions about the Town Wide Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan, please contact the Recreation Department at 508-358-3660.