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Dudley Woods Trails


Site History:


In 2011 the Board of Selectmen (BoS)  established the Dudley Advisory Committee (DAAC) with the charge of determining the best use for this land. After two years of deliberations, the DAAC recommended this seven (7) acre parcel be used for passive recreation. Article 9 of ATM 2014 transferred fourteen (14) parcels of this land to the Recreation Commission.  An article at the ATM 2015 transferred the remaining two (2) parcels. Both land transfers were made with the restriction that the Recreation Commission permit the construction of a subsurface community wastewater system on the land.

The Recreation Commission worked with the  BETA Group in 2014 & 2015 to develop a concept plan and budget estimates. After the 2015 Spring ATM approval of $85,000 in CPA funds, the Recreation Department has worked with on-call Consultants “Marshall Gary” to develop a trail design, site plan, and final cost estimates prior to constructing the trails. Construction of the trails is expected to take place in the summer/fall of 2017. 

This project proposes to construct ADA accessible walkways that loop around the property, situate rain gardens along the trails and within the property for storm water management and control. It is anticipated that parking will be off of Pond Drive, signage will be added to the parking area as well as interpretive signage along the trails that outlines the history of the land.  Historical monitoring and surveying has, and will be, completed as necessary as the project continues.

Proposed Trail Design Details:

At the 2017 Annual Town Meeting, the Recreation Commission sought an additional $50,000 in CPA Funding to construct the final proposed design of the trails. On-call design consultant “Marshall Gary” was hired in 2016 to develop schematic plans, cost estimates, and to do initial field investigations.


In developing the final design, the Recreation Commission intends to seek input from the Historical Commission, Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Board of Public Works and interested resident groups. This project will reserve open space, historical artifacts and manage storm water while providing residents of all ages with a place to enjoy nature as well as the history of the area. Adding trails and parking at Dudley Woods turns an unused area into a community gathering place, fulfilling the recommendation of the DAAC. The design maintains the flexibility to construct a wastewater system if needed as required by passage of the article at ATM 2014.

In conjunction with the Design study, the following investigations will be completed:


Trail Design Project Meetings:

The 1st Public Input meeting was held on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Future meetings dates:


Related Property Documents:



If you would like to inquire about copies of additional documents or have any questions about the Oxbow Meadows (Old Nike Site), please contact the Recreation Department at 508-358-3660.